Sunday, 24 February 2013

Hair Goal

Hello, my lovelies! 
Happy Sunday! (haha, I hope you had/have a good Sunday because who doesn't like Sundays) (except when your going back to school the next day)

So here are a few pictures of how I want my hair to be by this Summer or next year

My hair isn't straight but I want it to be that length when it's naturally curly.. Hopefully I will get it this length. (I need hope) 

I don't know but since I got my hair cut to a bob length last year after Mother's Day, I missed my long hair but I've grown it back past my boobs. 

But this year, I'm going to go on a hair growth journey and get it the length shown in the picture. I will try homemade treatments, massage my hair everyday etc etc. Alot of different things.

When I get to the length I want, I will write a blog post.

If you have any tips on growing hair longer, please comment. 

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  1. My hair is naturally straight but I would dream for it to be naturally curly. I cut my hair last summer really short and regretted it so have been growing it long again! Best tip I found was to not straighten it as little as often, leave it to dry naturally and not to use so many products! Also, get the ends trimmed every 6-10 weeks or so (i do it myself rather than a hairdresser) as it doesn't tend to grow when the ends are split and 'old'! Good luck, I look forward to seeing how long it takes!

    Paige xo