Saturday, 16 March 2013

Little Cute Shops In Columbia St

Hello, my lovelies!
On Mothers Day, I went to London.
We went to Columbia St and the flower market and it inspired me.
I also took street style pictures for the first time.
You can read my street style post here
Anyway, we went round the flower market. It was beautiful, the flowers and the people but then we found little shops.

The first one was Queenie & Ted

Basically, the clothes are vintage/retro and she customises them and makes them unique then they already are.

Please do go down to London (Columbia St) and see these beautiful handmade clothes.

The next shop we saw was Jessie Chorley. 

I will walk with you across distant paths flowers and dreams will bless our jouney. Into your eyes I will gaze and hold your hand, I will walk with you whatever may come. 

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