Saturday, 23 February 2013

Catwalk Makeup (Neutrals and Slivers)

Hello, my lovelies! 
I'm going to do a step by step tutorial on this makeup
It's quite simple and I like it.. because of the colours mixed together sliver with a dark colour is just perfect.
I told my followers on Twitter that I would do a tutorial on this makeup so here it is.

(Makeup from the catwalk) 

What I used: 

Firstly I applied the light sliver from the Rimmel London Smokey Eye Palette. 

I apply it as a base first..

Then I bring it closer to my eyebrows(but not too close, just where you can feel the start of your eyebrow bone) (right before your eyebrow bone) (close enough that you can feel it)

Then I apply 'Tease' from the NAKED PALETTE 2 by Urban Decay 
to the spaces left of the sliver (inside the crease)and over near my browbone and also a little near your teardrop but not too close otherwise the eyeshadow will go in your teardrop..

Then I add 'Snakebite' also from NAKED PALETTE 2, on the edge of my eye and I also blend it into my crease.

Then I add some eyeliner starting from here. 
(where the arrow is on the picture)

and the finish eye makeup look will look like this!

Please do try this if you like it, I like it...
It's good to wear to school because it's a mix of neutrals and slivers together..and also good to wear on bright sunny days or cold snowy days like today because it does make your eyes stand out.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
and please E-mail me if you want more makeup tutorials.
You can send me pictures of the eye makeup you want me to do a tutorial on. 
Also, if you do try or wear this makeup.. Please send me pictures via Twitter or E-mail

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