Friday, 22 February 2013

Pampering Evening Night Sorted.

Hello, my lovelies! 
I decided to have a long hot bath, I haven't actually had one since I was about 10 (It's very sad) but I'm starting to go back to bathing once in a while!

You can see my Youtube video here on My Bath Essentials

I took a few pictures but there's more detail on my YT video

Also, after I had my 2 hour bath (I wasn't planning to have it that long) but having it full with bubbles and hot hot water is so relaxing and that Radox Stress Relief bubble bath soak works and takes all the stress away! So please do try what I did in the Youtube video.... 

Don't over think while soaking in the bath
Don't fall asleep

Sing your favourite song
Think about something that makes you very happy

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