Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day ♡

Hello, my lovelies!
Yesterday I planned for it to be a blogging day but sadly, not. You all properly know why... VALENTINES DAY SHOPPING! Yes, it took more time than I expected but today I had time to go home and take pictures of my outfit (P.S I need some new clothes in my wardrobe, which I'm saving up for and hopefully I'll win Zoella's TOPSHOP giveaway!) 

Here's my outfit today, it's for valentines day (and also sorry I always wear the same cardigan, that's the only colourful jumper I have!) 

I brought these boots from Primark
I wish I had real doc martens

(I did two plaits on both of my strands to get them out the way)

All the things from this outfit are from H&M
I think I might be addicted to that store
but the black lace top is second hand, I love second hand clothing because I can always mix it up with proper brands.
In the Summer, I will do lots of HOW TO STYLE posts, I know it's not Summer yet but i'd be there soon! 

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