Sunday, 17 February 2013

What I Love About The 90s

Hello, my lovelies!
I feel a little sick and drained down, hopefully I'll get better but I wanted to write a post about the 90s because I absolutely love the 90s (especially the fashion and music) 

What I love the most about the 90s is that everyone had freedom to dress a certain way and no one judged, everyone was just free with everything. 

Most people wore different types of clothing, some mixed and matched them, some layered over the top of plaid/tartan and some just played with their style. 

and it wasn't all about the fashion that I loved the most about the 90s
I like how people made beauty simple, just a natural shade of eyeshadow, some eyeliner and the eyebrows all perfect. It was very simple, the way people made beauty, they used natural things to moisturise their skin and everything. 
Especially with Kate Moss in the 90's, the makeup artists at the backstage of all the fashion shows she was on. All they did was put a dark lip, winged eyeliner and some mascara. (It can't get any simpler than that)

Also, the last thing I love about the 90s is the music
If you follow me on Twitter, you'll already know that I love Nirvana
Yes, I love Nirvana.
It's really sad, that I don't get to see them now because Kurt Cobain died, worst thing ever.
Same with The Smiths, I love The Smiths!
again, I can't see them because they've split up

I hope you liked my post today, I will do another one today! 
Maybe a what to do: when you're ill 

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