Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Style Icons

Hello again my lovelies!
I decided to do a style icons post because I was on Pintrest and Tumblr and this just came to my thoughts and I wanted to do this post about my style icons. 

My top dog (not really, but my top style icon) 
is Alexa Chung
People and journalists say "she's too skinny and she promotes skinny", I don't really listen to what they say because she doesn't say that and she's beautiful and she wears the most vintage/retro clothing, she's good with her style and knows what to do with it. What I love about her style is the retro and simple mixed together in one and my favourite thing she wears is her hats, bags and jeans/pants. She's fabulous but what I hate is that she isn't noticed as much as some other people... She has the best street style ever, I think she should be noticed more. 

My next style icon is Paloma Faith 
I love love her hair and her eyeliner 
that's my one most favourite thing about her style
I watched Show Me Your Wardrobe, last year and she was on it.
I literally fell in love with her style, especially her dresses.
Her style reminds me of my favourite songwriter 'Lana Del Rey' because of her number of dresses she owns in her wardrobe, she can pull of anything Paloma!
If she dyes her hair another colour, a few people would notice but i'd still be Paloma with the crazy beautiful hair!


My third style icon is Lizzy Grant A.K.A Lana Del Rey
Yes yes, I know... I love her hair and her eyeliner (and her cute skater dresses she wears on stage)
She's quite effortless with her off stage outfits, she either comes out with her stage outfit or some jeans and a simple top with a tartan shirt or a cardigan
She can pull simple things off (especially with fashion)
I think she takes time with what to wear and how she style her outfits

(look how perfect her dresses are)
What I'm trying to say is that she's a very simple person in fashion
but her fans like it, alot of people like it.
Like I said before this, she has a bit of Paloma Faith in her because of the hair and the eyeliner (except they both do their hair and makeup differently) she just likes to look nice and she pulls her simple side of her off! 

My final last style icon is Jessica Hart
(She's a model, if you haven't heard of her)
Its her street style, her bun and her gap between her teeth is what I love about her style!
I would say for myself is that my style is inspired by hers
again, its because she's simple and effortless like all of these people I've talked about..
I think what I love the most is how she mixes and styles her off stage outfits, 
she just comes out and surprises everyone!
I think she has to be my favourite favourite style icon

and also 
Lua P but she's not a famous person but she's very popular on 
Lookbook and I love her blog.
Again it's all about hair and eyeliner
I think their my most favourite things about my style icons, their style, their hair and their eyeliner

Lua is my most favourite person on Lookbook.
(except for Nadia Ersa, Nicole B, they're also my favourite Lookbookers)

Who are your style icons?

Comment with a link to your style icons post and I'll read it!

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